Odpowiedź na artykuł w Washington Post z 22 grudnia 2015


W związku z artykułem, który ukazał się 22 grudnia 2015 w Washington Post (link poniżej) KOD POLONIA USA napisał do Washington Post następujący tekst:  


Re: The December 22, 2015 Editorial “Poland’s New Right-Wing Leaders Have Crossed a Line”: As founding members of KOD USA, the U.S. affiliate of the Polish Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD in Polish), we appreciate your editorial regarding the recent unconstitutional and anti-democratic steps taken by Poland’s Law and Justice party to stifle political opposition and civil society. We believe that the United States is well-positioned to oppose these attacks on democracy. Poland’s nationalist leadership has already taken steps to alienate its European allies. American influence, already significant, will only become more critical, providing the U.S. with a unique platform to stand up for Poland’s hard-won democratic norms. We, the leadership of KOD USA., believe this is not only an opportunity, but an obligation for the United States. The attacks on democracy in Poland are attacks on the fundamental constitutional values of the United States, and they divide and weaken an important ally at a time when unity against common threats is essential. Recognizing the importance of this issue for both countries, KOD USA is working to advocate for Polish democracy among U.S. political leadership. We call upon the Obama Administration and Congress to take action to defend a longtime ally’s threatened democracy.


KOD USA, Chicago

Paweł Bergman 

Dawid Bogacz 

Kornelia Dalecka-Overom 

Tomasz Kokociński 

Kinga Kosmala 

Jon Lahn 

Paweł Radwański 

Adam Tarniowy 

Peter Jan Włodarczyk